Dr. Lupe V. Trelles, D.C., has a very specific philosophy when it comes to treating her patients; the difference is apparent the moment one walks into the office. The room where Trelles treats her patients is warmly lit and filled with native art. It is here that Trelles brings to bear the numerous healing disciplines she has studied over the years to, as she puts it, "to heal the whole person." The system of gentle manipulation and natural therapies which Trelles has developed over the years is a system that works, she says. One which has provided relief without the need for drugs or surgery.

"We're treating the whole body so that it works best and can heal itself. The idea is that we clear your nervous system of any interferences. The path of the blood vessels, so any time you have impediments to the nervous energy, you also have impediments to the circulation. So by removing those-subluxations-bones or joints out of alignment that are pressing on nerves and blood vessels, we allow the body to work at its maximum, and the body has the ability to heal itself."

Treatment Applications are individualized to each patient's needs. Dr. Lupe treats people in crisis, such as work or auto accidents, slip and falls as well as those who simply want to have the best health they can by maintaining a well adjusted spine and other joints, good nutrition, mental well being and exercise.
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Electric Sound Stimulation
Pretreatment of Physiotherapy
Neuroemotional Counseling
Lymphatic Drainage
Reflex Massage
Natural Hormone Replacement
Evaluation of X-Rays
Therapeutic Supplies
Weight Control
Nutritional Counseling
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